Bare Expressions Maternity

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Melanie loves to photograph newborn babies, so naturally another one of her favorite sessions is maternity sessions. She loves that pregnant bellies are all different just like the babies that are growing inside them.


She photographs all kinds of expecting moms, but what she really enjoys is the “Bare Expressions” Maternity Portraits. This is when she gets to create unique maternity portraits that are extremely revealing but in a clean & classy way. She has many different kinds of material/wraps that she uses for these portraits. Prior to this session, she will chat with you about how to prepare for these. These portraits make great gifts for Dads-to-Be and also as a keepsake for you to have as a reminder of how special your baby is . . . even from the very beginning. The images above are from a recent “Bare Expressions” Maternity Session.


If the “Bare Expressions” Portraits are not quite what you had in mind, that’s perfectly okay. Melanie knows how to photograph expecting moms with clothes on too! lol  In fact, even with the “Bare Expressions”, she always starts with poses and clothing that as she says, “can be shown to grandma”! Whatever your comfort level is, she can create images that you will cherish.


A Little Side Note About Melanie:

Melanie enjoyed being pregnant a lot. She and her husband had difficulty conceiving and after several years, a few specialists and some fertility, they had a baby boy and then almost 6 years later and some more fertility, they had a baby girl. She was never sick a single day with either of her pregnancies.  (Maybe if she had been sick a few times, she wouldn’t have enjoyed being pregnant so much. Who knows!) She’s one of those people who will touch your belly AND THEN ask if it’s okay! She just loves the pregnant bellies.


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