Wiggles & Giggles Baby Plan

Click on this link to view Kamara’s 1st Year with Us! http://youtu.be/btKdM-iKR4k

Celebrate your baby’s first year with us! 
Read over the details below and then give us a call so we can schedule a time for you to stop by the studio to meet Melanie, go over pricing, packages, clothing choices, and all those other little details that will make your baby’s portraits special.

How precious are the many memories and milestones of your baby’s first year! We have designed the perfect baby plan for capturing all of those tiny characteristics that you never want to forget.

How the Wiggles & Giggles Baby Plan Works:

This portrait plan includes 4 sessions throughout your baby’s first year.  Portrait sessions are scheduled within the first 14 days, 4 months, 8 months, and 1 year.  All four session fees are included in the price of the W&G Plan.

Monthly Advances: Just like with the My First Year Plan, while on the Wiggles & Giggles Plan, you make $39 monthly advances toward each of your W&G portrait orders.  By the time you come in to order from your 4 month session, you will have made 3-4 monthly advances, giving you a small credit to apply toward your 4 month portrait order.  Same thing goes for your 8 month and 1st birthday sessions. (The monthly advances go directly toward your portrait orders. We do not charge interest or extra fees or anything like that. It’s just an affordable way to help you order the portraits that you truly would love to have from your baby’s portrait sessions.)

We highly recommend that you schedule your baby’s newborn session long before the baby actually arrives. We like to schedule newborn sessions for 5 days after your due date. That way if you go a day or two early, it’s not a big deal and if you go a day or two over, it’s still okay. Our schedule fills up at least 6 weeks in advance. Please do not wait until you have the baby to call and try to schedule a newborn session. Don’t worry about the baby arriving before your due date… we can always bump your appointment up if you have the baby early, but if you wait til after the baby is born, we might not be able to get you in for almost 2 months. YOU DON’T WANT THAT!

The Wiggles & Giggles Plan includes an album that we design with your favorite 5 poses from each of your baby’s portrait sessions. So by the time your baby turns a year old and finishes the W&G Plan, you have 20 of your favorite photographs in your W&G album (5 poses from each of your 4 sessions).

Parents and other siblings can be included in the newborn session and also in one other session for free!  About one week after your portrait session, you will come in for your Ordering Session. This is when you get to pick your favorite 5 poses to put into your baby’s Wiggles & Giggles album. This is also when you will be ordering additional prints for yourself and your family and using your monthly advances toward packages, storyboards, storybooks, image boxes, purses, and lots of other fun things.

We created our Wiggles & Giggles Plan so that parents are able to have portraits in their home of their baby showing the many milestones that occur during a child’s 1st year.  The plan is designed so that you not only have portraits of one stage, but throughout the stages.


3 thoughts on “Wiggles & Giggles Baby Plan

  1. Hi I was just wondering about ur plans. I just had a lil boy and he’s just turning six weeks now. I know its a lil late but is there any way I can still buy a plan and how much are they?

    Thank you

    • Kimberly, he is a little too old for our Wiggles and Giggles Baby plan but he is perfect for our My First Year Baby plan. It begins with a 3 month session instead of a newborn session. We are completely booked for about 5 weeks out right now, so you will need to call us and schedule his 3 month session now. Don’t wait to call cuz we won’t have anything available and then he will miss out on the baby plan completely and it really is a great baby plan! Give me a call at the studio tomorrow so we can chat about the cost cuz it’s $20 off right now. I can’t wait to meet your lil guy! Thanks ~Melanie Ewing

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