What Others Have to Say

Zoe Williams, 9 months

Zoe Williams, 1 year... scrunching her nose!

“When I found out I was having a girl, I knew I had to sign up for the My First Year Plan at Ewing Photography. I wanted a way to always remember all of those adorable clothes and accessories. Melanie did such an excellent job of capturing my daughter’s personality. Every session went smoothly and we were in and out in a reasonable amount of time.   One of my favorite sessions was Zoe’s nine month session. My mom couldn’t come with me, so I knew this was my chance to do something BIG with accessories. (My mom was anti-big bows) I had an ostrich puff with a flower clipped in the middle. When we viewed the portraits, my mom said it looked like a bird’s nest! We had a good laugh and she eventually admitted that it looked cute. This was also the session with one of my all time favorite pictures in which Zoe won 3rd place in Melanie’s Black and White Photo Contest.

I have ordered loose pictures, small framed pictures, storyboards, and a canvas. I love everything I’ve ordered, but my favorites are the storyboards. It’s a great way to get multiple prints in a large frame. Also, on the My First Year Plan, you get to pick 5 pictures from each session that will be added to a book you will get at the end of the year. I love flipping through Zoe’s book to see how much she has grown and changed.

Melanie was such a joy to work with on everything. She let me bounce ideas off of her and she was always willing to try anything to get the perfect shot. Melanie is a very talented and creative photographer and I will definitely be doing business with her again soon.”

~Angela Williams

Nou Xiong, Senior Hector

Nou Xiong, Senior Hector

“My experience with you was wonderful and a blast! I was super nervous at first, but going to all the different places and having such a fun time really loosened me up a lot! Melanie you are a great photographer. I loved that you helped pick the spots and came up with some ideas for the pictures which really helped me a lot with this being my first time to have professional pictures taken! Talking about first times, I think it was my first time to lay in a mud puddle for a picture, but it was great because it was different and put me out of my comfort zone! I loved the simple fact of being able to be me in all the pictures and let my personality show through! It was a great experience and I will never forget it in a million years!!”

~Nou Xiong, Senior Hector (Nou chose our senior session that included hair and makeup)

Trey Norris, Senior Clarksville

Trey Norris, Senior Clarksville

“It was a lot of fun.  My favorite picture was of me on the fence…….. kidding haha (that’s my mom’s fave). Probably my fave would be the one were I was looking ‘seriously off in the distance’. I really like the ones where you could see the mountains in the background and also the ones with my car.  I was expecting it to be terrible but you made it easy and fun. I wasn’t nervous at all.”

~Trey Norris, Senior Clarksville

“I am so glad we chose you. It was a fun experience. Your choice for the setting was a great idea. So many good backgrounds! I appreciate your patience with us in selecting the pictures too. They were all so good, it was hard to decide and since this is a once in a lifetime event, I wanted to make sure I have plenty! Thanks again!”

~Sharla Norris, Trey Norris’ mom

Jordan Dunham, Senior Sacred Heart

Jordan Dunham, Senior Sacred Heart

 “Hey DUDETTE! Is dudette still a term? I’ll use it anyway. I initially dreaded taking senior pictures, I’ve never really enjoyed posing for anything before. I’m not sure if it was the atmosphere, the high tech photo taking equipment, your attitude and ability to bring out a genuine smile, or a combination of all three, but it was a much different experience than I was expecting. I actually felt comfortable, and because I was no longer awkward, I was able to let my silly and inventive personality take control. I really did enjoy it. I was not nervous at all. I would have to say I liked ‘the creepy barn’, ‘the torture shed’, the antique baseball bat, and the cane I took home.  Thank you for making my senior picture experience something enjoyable instead of dreadful.”

~Jordan Dunham, Senior Sacred Heart

The Roper Family

Amy & Ty Roper

“When Ty was born, I got your My First Year package for a baby gift. I have been getting his pictures made by you for 6 years now. I have always loved my pictures and look forward to getting them made every year. My house looks like a mini studio of all your pictures, they are hanging everywhere! My family, especially Ty really loves seeing you every year. Ty still asks every time I mention pictures if there is going to be any rabbits there! Thank you for all the great memories you have captured, I will treasure them always.”

~Amy Roper

The Sims Boys

The Sims Family

“We heard of you through several of our friends that had their family portraits taken by you. We decided to give you a try back in 2008. We entered the black and white contest with our oldest son Lucas, and we also had family portraits that day. We were so impressed with the way that Lucas acted around you. He smiled the whole time and had some of the best poses!

The following year in 2009 we decided since we used you the first time, and we liked the portraits we would go to you again. We had them done outside this time with me, Tyger and Lucas, and again you took some AMAZING portraits. We purchased a big Covington Frame and have it hanging above our television. It is the main focal point in our house. Lucas did so well with the pictures and loved having his picture taken by you.

This year we had a new addition to our family, Isaac. Once again we knew that we did not want to use anyone else’s services, since the prices are reasonable, we have used you before, and Lucas liked having his picture taken by you. Both Isaac and Lucas did such a wonderful job sitting still and taking pictures, thanks to you for taking the pictures fast and keeping the boys interested. The outside portraits we took this year turned out to be more amazing than last year. We are very happy to have new poses in our Covington Frame. You gave us some suggestions on what you thought would work best, and turned out those suggestions were great.

We are 100% satisfied with your work, the quality, the way you interact with our kids, and the prices. We will be back!!

Thank you again for making memories for our family.”

~Bryan and Tyger Sims, Atkins

Alex Cravens, Senior Dover

Alex Cravens, Senior Dover

“Melanie took my older son’s senior portraits a couple of years ago, so when it was time for Alex’s, we knew we wanted to use her again. I talked to her before the session and let her know that Alex wanted something “different” from his brother’s senior portraits or from anyone else that she had photographed before so she drove around and found a place just for him. She has a great sense of humor and was joking around with him from the start which made him feel relaxed and made taking pictures an enjoyable experience rather than something that felt awkward or just something that he had to do. We are 100% pleased with our portraits and would recommend  Melanie to anyone.”

~Tamara Beavers, Dover

The Coley Family

Shane, Amanda & Addison Coley

“You have been a part of our family from the very beginning. You have been able to capture the memories of our engagement, wedding, birth of Addison and her first year. The memories that you have captured are priceless to us and something that we will treasure forever. I never could imagine how much I would cherish pictures until Addison born. Her newborn pictures are my most cherished pictures. Babies only look like a newborn for such a very short period of time and as a first time mom it is something hard to remember but I have fabulous pictures to look back on and I often do. Addison’s “My First Year” photos melt my heart. Over the first year you do not realize how much your baby changes and grows but having her pictures done every 3 months has allowed me the priviledge of being able to look back at all those changes. Thank you for blessing us with so many wonderful memories! We feel like you are a part of our family!”

~Amanda Coley, Russellville

The Coffman Family

The Coffman Family

“My family started using Ewing Photography in 2004. A friend told us about the My First Year plan and we decided it would be the best way to capture the moments of our baby’s first year. Since then, we have used Melanie for family, sports, preschool, Easter and recently finished the MFY plan with our second son. I like working with Melanie because she is personable and demonstrates great patience with my boys. I also like that she offers a variety of portrait opportunities throughout the year making it easy for me to customize my sessions for special occasions. The only problem I have with Ewing Photography is deciding which poses are my favorite. The portraits are always fantastic. Regardless of how determined I am to only pick a few, I never can. My family has been extremely pleased with Melanie and plans to use her for years to come.”

~Tonya Coffman, Russellville, AR

The Streett Family

Gracie Streett, 6 months

“The My First Year program at Ewing Photography captures all of those precious moments you don’t want to ever forget. It is amazing how fast time flies and to be be able to look back on those moments with beautiful portraits means so much to me and my family. Melanie is amazing with children and has been able to charm Gracie into loving having her portrait made. At the end of each session, she also has so many choices in prints, albums, brag books, and this year we even had Christmas cards made. The prices are reasonable too which is great because you will want EVERYTHING!”

~Elizabeth Streett, Russellville, AR


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