My First Year Baby Plan

What Cruz & Trigg’s mom has to say about her My First Year Plans:
“My family started using Ewing Photography in 2004. A friend told us about the My First Year plan and we decided it would be the best way to capture the moments of our baby’s first year. Since then, we have used Melanie for family, sports, preschool, Easter and recently finished the MFY plan with our second son. I like working with Melanie because she is personable and demonstrates great patience with my boys. I also like that she offers a variety of portrait opportunities throughout the year making it easy for me to customize my sessions for special occasions. The only problem I have with Ewing Photography is deciding which poses are my favorite. The portraits are always fantastic. Regardless of how determined I am to only pick a few, I never can. My family has been extremely pleased with Melanie and plans to use her for years to come.”
~Tonya Coffman, Russellville, AR
What Gracie’s mom has to say about her My First Year Plan:
“The My First Year Plan at Ewing Photography captures all of those precious moments you don’t want to ever forget. It is amazing how fast time flies and to be be able to look back on those moments with beautiful portraits means so much to me and my family. Melanie is amazing with children and has been able to charm Gracie into loving having her portrait made. At the end of each session, she also has so many choices in prints, albums, brag books, and this year we even had Christmas cards made. The prices are reasonable too which is great because you will want EVERYTHING!”
~ Elizabeth Streett, Russellville, AR

Celebrate your baby’s first year with us! 
Plain and simple… our baby plans save you money if you plan to have your baby’s portraits created more than once before he turns a year old.   Read over the details below and then give us a call so we can schedule a time for you to stop by the studio to meet Melanie, go over pricing, packages, clothing choices, and all those other little details that will make your baby’s portraits special.

How the My First Year Plan Works:
This portrait plan includes 4 sessions throughout your baby’s first year.  Portrait sessions are scheduled 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.  All four session fees are included in the price of the My First Year Plan.

Monthly Advances: Just like with the Wiggles and Giggles Plan, while on the My First Year Plan, you make $39 monthly advances toward each of your MFY portrait orders.  By the time you come in to order from your 6 month session, you will have made 3 monthly advances, giving you a small credit to apply toward your 6 month portrait order.  Same thing goes for your 9 month and 1st birthday sessions. (The monthly advances go directly toward your portrait orders. We do not charge interest or extra fees or anything like that. It’s just an affordable way to help you order the portraits that you truly would love to have from your baby’s portrait sessions.)

We highly recommend that you schedule your baby’s first session as soon as the baby arrives. Our schedule fills up at least 6 weeks in advance. Please do not wait until your baby is 3 months old to call and try to schedule a 3 month session. If you wait til the baby is 3 months old, we might not be able to get you in for almost 2 months. YOU DON’T WANT THAT! (If your baby has not arrived yet, you will probably be more interested in our Wiggles & Giggles Plan. Check it out and then give us a call.)

The My First Year Plan includes an album that we design with your favorite 5 poses from each of your baby’s portrait sessions. So by the time your baby turns a year old and finishes the  MFY Plan, you have 20 of your favorite photographs in your MFY album (5 poses from each of your 4 sessions).

Parents and other siblings can be included in one session for free!  About one week after your portrait session, you will come in for your Ordering Session. This is when you get to pick your favorite 5 poses to put into your baby’s My First Year album. This is also when you will be ordering additional prints for yourself and your family and using your monthly advances toward packages, storyboards, storybooks, image boxes, purses, and lots of other fun things.

We created our baby plans so that parents are able to have portraits in their home of their baby showing the many milestones that occur during a child’s 1st year.  The plans are designed so that you not only have portraits of one stage, but throughout the stages.

We have many unique and fun ways to display your baby’s portraits too. We have had many repeat clients on our MFY plan throughout the years and we trust that your MFY album will be “the most shown album” in your home.  It will become a true keepsake!


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