Amanda Coley

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“You have been a part of our family from the very beginning. You have been able to capture the memories of our engagement, wedding, birth of Addison and her first year. The memories that you have captured are priceless to us and something that we will treasure forever. I never could imagine how much I would cherish pictures until Addison born. Her newborn pictures are my most cherished pictures. Babies only look like a newborn for such a very short period of time and as a first time mom it is something hard to remember but I have fabulous pictures to look back on and I often do. Addison’s “My First Year” photos melt my heart. Over the first year you do not realize how much your baby changes and grows but having her pictures done every 3 months has allowed me the priviledge of being able to look back at all those changes. Thank you for blessing us with so many wonderful memories! We feel like you are a part of our family!”

~Amanda Coley, Russellville