Newborn Babies

If you are expecting a baby, call us and get an appointment for one week after your due date. Spaces are limited so you should call during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy to be sure to get in.

Image above – July Bella Luna Baby – Luke Caudle, 18 days

A Note from Melanie about her Newborns
Newborns are probably my favorite kind of people to photograph! Yes, they take patience. Yes, they pee and poop on everything. And Yes, they are time consuming. But… they are just precious. I love holding them, snuggling with them, curling them up into little balls, and putting them in things that they probably shouldn’t be put in! Babies are my love!

The ideal age/weight for newborns is under 14 days or under 8 pounds! I enjoy newborns the MOST when they are BRAND NEW  and sleeping (3 days is not too young).  Bring me an itty bitty baby and let’s get her to sleep… then I can do whatever I want.  I just love it!