Wanna Be a Senior Model?

Audrey Schucker, Clarksville

Benefits of Being a Senior Model

1. Girls get FREE Hair and Makeup for their sessions (Saves you over $50)

2. FREE Instagram & Facebook Images

3. Session Fee is applied toward portrait order when you place your order within 14 days of your model session (Saves you over $75)

4. Earn CASH

5. It’s FUN

If you would like to apply to be a model for us, let us know and we will get the application out to you! The easiest way to contact us about being a Senior Model is by calling us or just let us know on facebook. Contact us at 479-880-0065 or on fb as Ewing Photography and also Melanie Ewing.

We are now accepting recommendations for 2015 Senior Models: Russellville, Dover, Atkins, Hector, Pottsville, Clarksville, Lamar, Morrilton, Conway, Dardanelle, Danville, and other area schools.

We have started recruiting for 2015 and even have two 2016 models signed up already, so if you would like to apply or if you would like to refer someone for our program, leave us a message right here. Thanks!


19 thoughts on “Wanna Be a Senior Model?

      • Hatley, we sooo need to meet! I’ve talked to your mom… now just need to meet you! Give me a call 880-0065 and lets schedule a time for you to stop by. The sooner the better cuz once school is out for the summer it’s a little bit harder to make as much money… I do have a spot that has come open for your school, so if you want it, it’s yours! Come see me! Thanks ~Melanie Ewing

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