Storyboards & Keepsakes

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Here is a sampling of why our clients to come to us… Melanie specializes in photography as home decor. Here are a few Storyboard Collections that she has designed recently. Also shown are just a few fun keepsakes that her clients are hooked on!

All of her Storyboards, albums, and keepsake pieces are custom designed. She works closely with her clients on color tones to create one-of-a-kind portrait pieces for her clients to display in their homes. Each piece is unique and custom framed according to her clients’ home decor. Whether it’s a single image framed to display in a home or a collection of images, special attention is given to each piece. She has designed custom portraits to display in hallways, entry ways, above fireplaces, home theatre rooms, dining rooms, play rooms, outdoor stage areas, offices and many other living spaces. Pretty much, if you can name a room in a home, she can create a decorative portrait piece to fit the space.

All of Melanie’s Storyboards and Wall Portraits are mounted and sprayed to ensure the very best quality and care is given to ensure that you have a memory that is worthy of handing down from generation to generation. Then special attention is given to the method of framing so that each piece can be displayed proudly in your home.  Her goal is to provide you with a memory that you can enjoy every single day while just living in your home.


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