Bella Luna Days

Bella Luna Days are special days set aside for only photographing newborns. If you are expecting a baby, call us and get on the Bella Luna List. There is only a $50 minimum order and there IS NO SESSION FEE on Bella Luna Days!  Babies must be less than 21 days old or under 8lbs to participate in a Bella Luna Session.  Spaces are limited so you should call during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy to be added to the list. (Scroll down for complete details.)

Upcoming Bella Luna Days:

January 12th

February 9th

March 8th

Image above – July Bella Luna Baby – Luke Caudle, 18 days

A Note from Melanie about her Bella Luna Days
Newborns are probably my favorite kind of people to photograph! Yes, they take patience. Yes, they pee and poop on everything.


Image above – 18 day old Luke pees right down his momma’s shirt. His aim could not have been better! This was just seconds after I told his daddy that we were aiming it at him . . . Luke had other plans!

And Yes, they are time consuming. But… they are just precious. I love holding them, snuggling with them, curling them up into little balls, and putting them in things that they probably shouldn’t be put in! Babies are my love!
I came up with the idea of Bella Luna Days so I could just set aside time every month to do what I love to do… photograph newborns. Do I only photograph newborns on Bella Luna Days? Absolutely NOT! I photograph newborns almost daily. I guess they come in spurts. Some weeks I photograph more than others, but with Bella Luna Days, I can sit back, relax and know that I’m spending my morning with babies who are the ideal age/weight for what I love to do! I enjoy newborns the MOST when they are BRAND NEW  and sleeping (3 days is not too young). So that is my idea for Bella Luna Sessions… bring me an itty bitty baby and let’s get her to sleep… then I can do whatever I want. This is why I pay your session fee on Bella Luna Days. Cause really it’s for me. It keeps me creative and fresh and inspired. I just love it!
RULES: Moms and Dads are welcome in Bella Luna Sessions, but we do have a few restrictions, so if you are expecting a baby soon, give us a call to get all the details and to get on the Bella Luna List.
Babies must be less than 21 days old or under 8lbs to participate in a Bella Luna Session. Spaces are limited.


Siblings are not allowed in Bella Luna Sessions. (If you want siblings photographed with your baby, you will need to schedule a session during normal hours.) Bella Luna Sessions are only offered once a month. If your baby’s birthdate does not coincide with a Bella Luna Day, we can still photograph your little bundle of joy. Just call the studio and schedule your baby’s newborn session during regular hours. We photograph newborns almost daily… Bella Luna Days are just special days when we set aside time to only photograph newborns and we pay the session fees. There is a minimum order of $50 which must be paid during your Bella Luna Session. And remember, we pay your session fee!  Call the studio to be added to our Bella Luna List, 479-880-0065.


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